Bellecour, Gavin Kaysen's new restaurant, will open in Wayzata

Gavin Kaysen is celebrating his upcoming new restaurant, Bellecour.

Gavin Kaysen is celebrating his upcoming new restaurant, Bellecour. Carlos Gonzales/ Star Tribune

Even if you’ve never set foot in the place, you've probably heard of Spoon & Stable and Gavin Kaysen, two of the buzziest names in Minneapolis (and U.S.) foodiedom.

Here’s another name to become acquainted with: Bellecour. It will be the second Minnesota restaurant by Kaysen, this time in Wayzata, which is closer to his home.

Bellecour is currently being built in the old Blue Point Restaurant and oyster bar space on Lake Street. “Once I walked through these doors, I felt an immediate connection to the charm and the natural character of the building, the town, and the smell of the lake nearby," Kaysen said in a press statement.

They’re still working on the menu, but expect classic French cooking like escargot and French onion soup, along with seasonal Midwestern ingredients and flavors. A bakery by renowned pastry chef Diane Yang will be at the entry point.

Bellecour is named for a large square in the center of Lyon, France, where Kaysen says he spends time and finds inspiration during his travels to the area. It’s also the birthplace and home of some of the world’s biggest names in food, Daniel Boulud and Paul Bocuse, who are also Kaysen’s friends and biggest mentors.

Bellecour opens in the spring of 2017.