Behind the scenes with Galactic Pizza superhero Captain Awesome


This week's Dish column sent me on the rounds with Captain Awesome, posing here on one of Galactic Pizza's new Zap Xebra electric vehicles. When Awesome first started working at Galactic, he was new to the Twin Cities and got lost a lot--occasionally, he had to stop and ask cops how to get back to the pizza shop.

Galactic owner Pete Bonahoom came up with the idea of superheroes after dressing in a spandex bodysuit for Madison, Wisconsin's notorious Halloween party. Superhero/standup comic Blue Baboon also likes posing on car hoods...

..and posing with Captain Awesome.

Watch this video to ride along with Captain Awesome as he makes a delivery in one of Galactic's new Zap Xebra electric vehicles. The old cars, called Gizmos, were controlled with two joysticks, an acceleration trigger, and a hand brake. The Zaps drive like a real car, but Bonahoom always stresses safety when he trains his drivers. "It's still dangerous as hell," he says. "I try to scare the crap out of them."