Beer racism?


Texas bbq at Snow's.

The hype over Prince's homophobic remarks overshadowed the rest of the stores in the New Yorker's food issue. But there are several great reads in the feature well...

Though I typically like Mimi Sheraton's writing, I thought her fish soup essay was a snooze. Here's what I did think was excellent:

James Surowiecki, the financial guy, talks about the origins of the global food crisis

Calvin Trillin on who makes the best Texas bbq?

A profile of Sam Calagione at Dogfish breweries and the rise of extreme beer--and a discussion of "beer racism."

You have to buy the magazine to read these two pieces, but they're also quite good: A look into the world's sharpest master blademakers. The local food movement comes to China--the Chez Panisse at Hangzhou