Beer of the Week: Tallgrass Brewing's Halcyon Wheat

This week's Beer of the Week is Halcyon, an unfiltered American pale wheat ale from Tallgrass Brewing Company out of Manhattan, Kansas.

Though Tallgrass now brews this one year round, Halcyon has all the trappings of early summer: a light and lively body, beautiful hazy golden color, and a whole cornucopia of tropical fruit on the nose. 

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Though it's fruity up front, this ale goes down peppery and smooth with a soft, dry finish that makes it super versatile for pairing. We'd bring a four-pack to a backyard barbecue and drink it with a creamy spinach and artichoke dip, grilled fish or spicy shrimp kebabs with sweet cherry tomatoes, and a strawberry tart or sorbet. 

If you're ordering a Halcyon in a restaurant, it would go great with sushi, paella, or anything containing a soft salty cheese like feta or chèvre. Think of it as more interesting and palate-challenging than something like Shocktop or Bell's Oberon, but much less hoppy than the Lagunitas Little Sumpin' Sumpin'.

Have we successfully intrigued you? Excellent. This summery, golden tipple is available all over the place, but we've spotted it specifically at Grumpy's Northeast, both locations of Republic, and Triple Rock Social Club in Minneapolis. If you're out drinking in St. Paul, look for Halcyon at Barrio's Lowertown location, French Meadow's newish outpost on Grand Ave., and The Muddy Pig.

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