Beer of the Week: Surly's Schadenfreude

Beer of the Week: Surly's Schadenfreude
Loren Green

This week's Beer of the Week is Schadenfreude from Surly, a German dunkel lager that carries a 6.6% ABV and is aged in a Minnesota oak barrel.

The beer itself is light in body and high in carbonation, making it dark in color but still easily a session beer to ease into the summer months. "Schadenfreude is the counterpoint to our year round German-style Helles Lager," Surly headbrewer Todd Haug tells us. "Helles, or Hell, means light and Dunkel means dark in German."

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The late spring-early summer brew has a malted sweetness with a touch of smoke from the barrel that subdues the contrasting hop bitterness until the finish. Dunkels are traditionally a malt-forward beer and Scadenfreude is no exception, though it has a Surly twist with the touch of bitter hops. It's a beer that starts off strong and rich in flavor, balances a lighter body, and finishes smoothly.

Fans can grab a pint at a number of spots around town, including Acadia Cafe, Northbound Smokehouse, Pizza Luce St. Paul.

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