Beer of the Week: Summit's Maibock


With patio season in its early stages, lighter beers are starting to spring back into the market. Among them is an old standby, the Summit seasonal Maibock, this week's beer of the week.

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The beer was first brewed in 1989 by St. Paul's senior brewery and it was their first lager -- one of the first seasonal lagers brewed by any craft brewery, notes Summit's Carey Matthews.

The Maibock is an excellent and easy drinking beer. It pours with a creamy head and finishes with a touch of the bitter, letting the malt sweetness define the overall flavor profile with just a touch of hops to balance it out. The color is mostly blonde with a gentle orange hue.

While it may be light in color, at 6.5% ABV, this is still a transitional seasonal beer from the heavier winter varieties. "Many a Summit fan affectionately refers to this beer as 'Mindblock,'" adds Matthews. "Our full-bodied blonde bock pairs well with pretzels, white cheddar, sausage, ribs, pork, and smoked meat."

Summit Maibock is available at liquor stores across the metro in six-packs and Summit sampler packs, and is currently on tap at the Liffey, Groveland Tap, Salut, and Cafeteria, among others.


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