Beer of the Week: Schell's Snowstorm

Beer of the Week: Schell's Snowstorm

This week's beer of the week is a Belgian Style Golden Ale from August Schell Brewing Company. Schell's has been running the Snowstorm winter beer series since 1992, using a new recipe each year. While the annual seasonal is often dark and malty, this year's variation goes for light and spiced, bringing hints of warmth in its chamomile and coriander spices and through a somewhat heavy, but undetected, 7.0 ABV.

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A golden pour with ample head that quickly recedes, Snowstorm's fruity aroma hits first and the subtle spices linger, making for a keenly balanced beer. Brewmaster Dave Berg has long been interested in this yeast strain. It's "more fruity than spicy," he says, "which is odd for a Belgian yeast."

"This was an opportunity to show consumers that Schell's can produce anything and give them an opportunity to try a beer that is otherwise a little difficult to find [in the local market]," Berg says. "That is what we enjoy about making our Snowstorm beer: We get to change the recipe every year." A select few Snowstorms have returned as year-round beers, including Firebrick, Stout, and Schmaltz's Alt.

Now in limited supply as Schell's Bock hits the shelves, fans can still find Snowstorm on tap at 331 Club, O'Gara's, and Mac's Industrial, and for purchase at many area liquor stores.

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