Beer of the Week: Robust Porter from Town Hall Brewery

Across-the-pond influence on a local brewery

Across-the-pond influence on a local brewery

This week's Beer of the Week is the Robust Porter from Town Hall Brewery, a longtime favorite local drinking establishment that has enjoyed a lot of press of late with its recent win at the Great American Beer Festival. 

This here-today, possibly gone-tomorrow seasonal is one in a long line of about 40 rotating feature beers at Town Hall, and has a rich chocolatey malt flavor, curvaceous body, and a crisp finish, which is uncommon for the style.

"Our Robust is based on the standard English robust porter style," says head brewer Mike Hoops. "But there are some other American-style ones that we liked, and this is our attempt at merging the two to do a bit of a twist on the standard style."

We chatted with the award-winning brewer to learn more about how he achieves balance in this cross-continental porter hybrid.

"We added some uncommon ingredients in this one," Hoops explains. "So there's some crystallized rye malt for a nice, crisp, spicy caramel character."

The rye malt powers right through to the first taste of the brew, and then a fullness kind of floods over you. 

"That's the bit of dark German Munich malt we use. It's an ingredient that's also in one of my favorite porters out of the West Coast," Hoops reveals. "It gets that deep, toasty element and makes a richer mouth feel."

Compared to some of Town Hall's other famous brews, such as the Masala Mama IPA, this one is really light on the hops.

"That's typical of an English porter," says Hoops. "But then we wanted a clean finish, which is more typical of an American-style porter."

The beer is only available at Town Hall Tap and Town Hall Lanes, and Hoops says a limited number of barrels were released, so go out and get it while you can.

"The good news is if it's gone, it means something else great is on the way," says Hoops.

Brewers: always looking for the silver barrel linings. 

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