Beer of the Week: Parapet ESB from NorthGate Brewing

Beer of the Week: Parapet ESB from NorthGate Brewing
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This week's Beer of the Week is a British-inspired Extra Special Bitter called Parapet from Northeast Minneapolis-based brewery NorthGate Brewing

NorthGate specializes in session ales, meaning that their beers generally have a lower ABV than the high-velocity ones we've become accustomed to. The idea is that you can enjoy multiple beers and still have a clear head, which is exactly how you'll want to approach this lovely new ESB.

"This beer's recipe was developed by our assistant brewer, Nathan Gunter. It's a style he had been begging NorthGate to brew, since he joined our team in January last year," says NorthGate's head brewer Tuck Carruthers. "It's also a great fit for NorthGate's wheelhouse, so I had no complaints. We feel it's the perfect transition beer for fall moving into brisk Minnesota winters."

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As its name suggests this is one bitter baby, though not overly so. It also has shades of fragrant fruit and apple cider on the nose. Carruthers says a unique base malt called Maris Otter, an English malted barley variety, is what gives this beer its character. 

"We also used crystal malt and honey malt. The honey malt adds a nice touch of sweetness in the flavor," says Carruthers. "We selected an English style of yeast and English hops for firm bitterness." 

The Parapet is a great after-work brew, but goes well with hearty meals too. "Seeing that NorthGate takes inspiration from beers hailing from the British Isles, I'd recommend pairing this beer with fish and chips or bangers and mash. But it would also go well with spicy shrimp, yellow or red curry, roast pork, or pork chops," says Carruthers. "If you want to see how well our ESB pairs with Thai food, come to our beer dinner at Sen Yai Sen Lek on Thursday, Nov 21."  

You can also find the Parapet ESB on tap at Mac's Industrial in Northeast and at Victory 44 in Camden.

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