Beer of the Week: Magic Hat's Dream Machine

This week's Beer of the Week is Dream Machine, an India-style pale lager (IPL) from Magic Hat Brewing Company

"It's been nearly 10 years since we've added a new year-round beer to our lineup, says Dave Weissman, a rep for the Vermont-based company. "So we are pretty excited about this one."

We had our first tastes of this sweet and spicy, light lager this last week and have to say, we second that emotion. Here's more about how to pair it and where to find it. 

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Dream Machine gives off a lovely, citrusy scent and builds up an impressively fluffy head for a lager. That's perhaps due to the upped level of carbonation, which makes it ideal for a post-run or post-hike kind of beer. Though this style can sometimes be aggressively hoppy, Magic Hat's version, which rings in at 50 IBUs, is a bit more balanced. It's made with Nugget and Cascade hops and then dry-hopped with Sterling and Amarillo hops. 

Dream Machine's subtle fruitiness, light body, and general crispness make it an easy pairing beer with roast chicken and nearly any spring vegetable, but we particularly love it with sushi. The spicy undertones mean it would also be great with a grilled sausage and right at home at any New England-style seafood boil. 

Bars will be pouring Dream Machine on tap, but not until early April. For now, you can get your first tastes at Lake Wine & Cheese, Falls Liquor, and North Loop Wine & Spirits, all in Minneapolis or at Big Top Liquors in St. Paul.

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