Beer of the Week: Indeed's Burr Grinder coffee ale

A Burr Grinder resting on the ledge at Indeed's taproom
A Burr Grinder resting on the ledge at Indeed's taproom
Loren Green

This week's beer of the week is Indeed's Burr Grinder Coffee Ale. It's a new ale/coffee hybrid born of a collaboration with Dogwood Coffee. The pale ale is brewed with ground coffee in the kettle and topped off with cold press at the end of the process, a double treatment that makes this beer especially enticing for coffee lovers.

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It has a caramel/copper with a somewhat opaque complexion and a strong head at pour that diminishes but lines the glass as it levels. The coffee flavor definitely dominates, with the ale hitting strongest in aroma and second impression, making for a balanced beer that, despite the bold flavor of the additives, showcases both beverages equally. The beer is something like a carbonated, lighter drinking cold-press with a direct and pleasant impression. For those who imbibe with brunch, Burr Grinder would be perfectly suited for a morning meal, a pairing further suggested by its 8 a.m. release party last weekend at Bryant Lake Bowl. However, the beer is well-rounded and social, making it a good fit for all times of day.

We caught up with Josh Bischoff, head brewer at Indeed, to find out his inspiration for the beer:

It seems like most -- or certainly a lot of -- coffee beers use the formula of a dark beer base, either stouts or porters, that already have a roasted coffee-like flavor profile, then add a dark, heavily-roasted coffee bean to that. The idea behind Burr Grinder was to use a more delicate "coffee geek" type bean with the beer just providing the base without getting in the way of the coffee. With Burr Grinder the majority of the color is coming from the coffee and the beer base is just providing a pretty non-descript malt base, with a touch of caramel, letting the coffee do most of the work in the flavor profile.

Burr Grinder is available at the aforementioned Bryant Lake Bowl, and makes its debut at the Indeed taproom tomorrow. It can also be purchased in a foil-wrapped 750ml bottle from the brewery.

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