Beer of the Week: Indeed Brewing's Old Friend

This week's beer of the week is Old Friend, a winter warmer from Indeed Brewing Company. This limited release holiday brew was one of our picks for our Top 5 local winter seasonal beers a couple of weeks back, but after drinking a few pints of it around the patio campfire at Grumpy's NE, we decided this one needed a little extra attention.

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This is the second year Indeed has offered Old Friend alongside their other winter seasonal, Stir Crazy. It pours a dark ruby red and smells like warm gingerbread, but there's a slightly bitter undercurrent to this beer that makes it go down more like an IPA than a true winter warmer. A little touch of honey sweetness and malt rounds out the profile of this medium-bodied beer. Pair it with raisin bread, fruit cake, beef stew, curry, or mushroom stroganoff.

In addition to being on tap at Grumpy's NE and the brewery itself, Indeed's seasonal beers are in rotation at Groundswell Coffee in St. Paul, the Rabbit Hole, and the Sample Room, just to name a few.

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