Beer of the Week: HammerHeart's Høst Øl Harvest Ale

Beer of the Week: HammerHeart's Høst Øl Harvest Ale
This week's Beer of the Week is the Høst Øl Harvest Ale from HammerHeart Brewing Company, a dark brown ale with a hammy aroma, some floral hop presence, a surprisingly creamy head, and the husky, smoky finish that's become the signature of the beers produced by this Lino Lakes Brewery.

"It is a very personal beer to us," writes the team at HammerHeart. "It's inspired by autumn travel memories and our head brewer's handfasting with his wife Bekah. There is an old Viking tradition to have weddings near or on Høst blot (translates to "just autumn," essentially) due to the bounty of harvest."

The brewers use that bounty to their advantage in creating the spice and fruit forwardness of this harvest ale, but the note that makes the biggest impact and leaves a lingering impression is of campfire smoke. Pair with Mexican mole dishes, ribs, winter fruits like pomegranate, or blue cheese.

Get it on tap now at

Haute Dish

or make a trip to the HammerHeart taproom in Lino Lakes. You'll drink many meaty brews, see bearded men smoking everything from peppers to pumpkins, and be treated to a soundtrack of

mid-90s Norwegian dark ambient oeuvres


HammerHeart's regular taproom hours are Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 2 p.m. to 10 p.m., but may be different for this holiday week. Check the brewery's Facebook page for more details.

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