Beer of the Week: HammerHeart's Flanary's Brew


This week's beer of the week is Flanary's Brew from HammerHeart Brewing Company. The beer is a smoked Irish oatmeal stout, just in time for a belated St. Patrick's Day celebration.

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The primary takeaway from a pint of Flanary's Brew is a smooth and creamy malt base befitting an Irish stout. The smoked flavor is subtle and serves as an earthy contrast to the sweeter, chocolate flavors but it doesn't override the profile. Meanwhile, the oatmeal gives the mid-to-heavy body beer a milkier mouthfeel. It finishes with a touch of bitterness that clears the palate and removes that sweet impression.

The initial taste is a heavy, smooth chocolate, like an adult dessert. A heavy complexion is typical with oatmeal stouts, and the level of flavor is intense and full. It's like a big, bold, and creative Guinness but it's also extremely palatable and balanced thanks to the subtle smoke impressions. That balance should help it to carry over and appeal to craft beer novices and aficionados alike.

Fans looking to stretch their St. Patrick's Day a little further can enjoy a pint at Bluzy's Roadside in Blaine, Brick's Pub also in Blaine, Zeke's Unchained Animal in Minneapolis, or at the HammerHeart taproom itself.

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