Beer of the Week: Fulton's Expat


This week's Beer of the Week is Expat rye saison from Fulton. Marking spring and the start of a new Twins season, the rye saison is familiar but just different enough. The rye added to the saison gives it a darker hue and a slightly sour counter to the crisp and spiced characteristics common with the saison style.

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For how prominently "rye" appears in the name, the grain is a subtle addition that complements the saison spice without changing the body or complexion. The rye offsets the beer's finish with a simple, grain-based flavor that ultimately highlights the orange-citrus notes even more. It's a light and easy-drinking beer.

For bonus local ties, the name "Expat" is an homage to St. Paul native and Great Gatsby author F. Scott Fitzgerald. French yeast is used in the brewing, and France, of course, is where Fitzgerald spent his more prosperous years.

"The Expat is brewed with a substantial percentage of rye in the mash and is filtered prior to packaging," Fulton notes on their blog. "It's a great beer to enjoy on its own in the late afternoon, but may even be better when paired with a meal."

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