Beer of the Week: Dangerous Man's IIPA


This week's beer of the week is IIPA from Dangerous Man Brewing. Double IPAs have been hitting more shelves and taps of late, and the Northeast taproom-only brewery run by Rob Miller has its own small batch take, a 100 IBU, 8.0% ABV number that comes in a generous pour 10 oz. tulip glass.

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The beer is a light copper color with a nice head that leaves a slight ringing on the glass. While the IBU and ABV count is high, the flavor profile of this one is mild by double IPA standards, meaning the 100 IBUs don't burn the tongue in an overpowering blast, instead bringing a flavor that's heavy on hops but easy on the senses. There's a lasting bitterness that accompanies the beer, but it's balanced and subtle instead of the bold first impression familiar to the style.

The head has a light floral aroma that highlights the beer's overall impression and defines its complexity. While it presents a strong alcohol content, it's an easy drinking beer that feels sessionable, even while including a whopping 9 different hops through the brewing process. As the brewery's blog puts it: It's powerful, vicious, and noble all at once.

All of Dangerous Man's beers are available only at their taproom while supplies last.

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