Beer of the Week: Big Wood's Jack Savage


This week's beer of the week comes from Big Wood Brewery in White Bear Lake. The Jack Savage American Pale Ale is an aromatic and refreshing drink, ideal for easy-drinking at a backyard barbecue, but also nuanced and perfectly balanced.

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The beer brings elements of freshness via the orange and lemon citrus notes, and the hoppy presence is mild and well-blended into the overall drink, giving a clean finish that's more tangy than bitter. The beer itself pours a cloudy, peachy rust color, not quite orange and not quite copper. The pour yields a smooth, milky head that leaves a nice coating layer on the glass. Or, this pale ale can just be enjoyed straight from its 16-ounce plaid can.

Why plaid? Who better to tell the tale than Big Wood's CEO and founder Steve Merila:

The name behind Jack Savage is a result of a game of pool at a bar in Northern Minnesota between me and a local guy who will remain nameless. The local called me a "Cit-iot" (which apparently means idiot from the city). I shot back with "Jack Savage" and a friendship was born. I will not tell you how the story ended -- it was late -- but the experience inspired me to create a beer that was made for our friends up north. I'm not going to tell you what "Jack Savage" was wearing, but we now have the very first beer in a plaid can.

Let the legend of Jack Savage grow.


Jack Savage is currently available on tap at Sak's Sports Bar and Hubert's, as well as at stores such as Stinson Wine, Beer, and Spirits, and various MGM stores across the metro.

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