Beef jerky incites family feud


A Mankato beef jerky company is bent out of shape over the alleged behavior of its CEO according to a lawsuit filed last week in federal court in Minneapolis. In an entertaining article, the Pioneer Press reports that bad blood between the CEO and his father, who not- so-incidentally owns a competing beef jerky enterprise, led him to drive his own company to the ground. The paper writes:

Jerky Snack Brands' suit claims that with Jay Link's hopes dashed of one day running the family's jerky empire, he decided upon revenge.

He also decided revenge was a dish best served at room temperature, optimal for beef jerky. He formed a joint venture with the rival Jerky Snack Brands, becoming chief executive in 2007. Among his first acts was to move the company's front office from Detroit to tiny Minong [Wis.]-- and into a building across the street from his father's company.

The article, which gives some great historical detail on the family and the origins of the feud, says that by March of this year, only two years into business, Jay Link's Jerky Snack Brands' was $25 million in debt.

The elder Link's successful jerky company, Link Snacks, is responsible for the "Messin' With Sasquatch" ads. Remember?