Beauty queen stripped of title for "eating too many tacos"

A beauty queen in Texas lost her title, according to Reuters, for a variety of infractions, including eating too many tacos.

The 17-year-old Miss San Antonio, Domonique Ramirez, was initially stripped of her crown in late January, with pageant directors citing tardiness to obligatory functions, taking a modeling job not sanctioned by the organization, and gaining weight from eating too many tacos as reasons for her dismissal.

A legal battle ensued, and today the judge rendered a shocking decision that has people talking.

Today State District Judge Cathy Stryker ruled against Ms. Ramirez's request for a court order that would allow her to keep her title.

The beauty queen's contract required her to remain at the 129 pounds she weighed at the time she won the pageant.

The video embedded below shows Ms. Ramirez giving testimony and slowly turning around on the witness stand, so the court could appraise her figure and alleged weight gain.

Winners of the Miss San Antonio crown also receive a scholarship, a place in the Miss Texas pageant, and a shot at the Miss America pageant.

Losers of the Miss San Antonio crown receive the privilege of eating as many tacos as they damn well please.

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