Bears and otters would like you to drink

When shopping for classy wine, you might be tempted to shy away from bottles festooned with pictures of otters on them, but otters and bears have made the labels of these wine bottles for a good reason.

From now through June 13, wildlife enthusiasts can purchase Russia’s Grizzly Coast wine. Choose between cabernet sauvignon or chardonnay and 20% of the proceeds will go towards the Minnesota Zoo Foundation. Russia’s Grizzly Coast opens at the Minnesota Zoo in Apple Valley on June 7, and will feature specialized habitats featuring bears, leopards, wild boars, sea otters, and tigers, to nameonly a few species. The exhibit strives to promote conservation, and has plans to eventually breed endangered leopards.

The specially–labeled wines are both from Napa Valley, and feature fruity, vanilla undertones. The Sea Otter Chardonnay boasts pineapple, coconut, and apricot aromas while the Grizzly Bear Cabernet Sauvignon tastes of berries. Both are medium, full-bodied wines. Both wines are available at the Wine Market in Woodbury and Mendota Heights, or can be purchased online here.