Be My Designated Driver: Personal chauffeurs for your boozy holiday weekend

Drink up. But get home safe.

Drink up. But get home safe.

Planning to get hammered on Thanksgiving? Of course you are. Before you do, make a plan. 

Be My DD is launching in Minneapolis on Wednesday (the day before the day you get soused on grandma's not-so-secret stash of Peppermint Schnapps in order to endure all of your extended family). According to press materials, they're the largest designated driver service in the country, operating in 76 cities in 31 states across the country. 

So what does this mean? It means no relying on taxis or Ubers on high-traffic nights when doing so means rolling the dice with your time and pocketbook. Instead, this deal lets you make like a mogul, and have your own chauffeur for the night, in your very own ride, so you know, no bedbugs, no Vanilla-roma air-fresheners, no didgeridoo on the sound system. Instead, just your very own hooptie, or your luxury SUV, however it is you choose to roll. 

Services and prices: 

Hourly Personal Drivers: $14-$19.50 an hour, with unlimited stops. Recommended for bar hopping, winery tours, or a way to look like a baller when picking up a new date. 

Car Pickup Service: $25 pickup fee plus mileage. If you've already driven somewhere and need a ride, use the pickup service to get both you and your car back home.

Event Services: $45-$53 per team, per hour. Hire teams of drivers for weddings, corporate events, or any other gathering, ready to take unlimited people (and their cars, if necessary) home.

Don't worry about your personal safety or that of your ride: Drivers are fully pre-screened, have 10 or more years of driving experience and arrive dressed in professional attire. The company has a $2 million insurance policy. 

Naturally, there's an app for that: Customers can reserve a driver, request pickup using GPS location (in case you don't know where the hell you are— hey, it happens), track their vehicle at all times, and directly call their driver from their mobile device. 

Services are offered within a 60-mile radius from the center of both Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Launches in the Twin Cities on Wednesday, November 25

1 (877) U-BeMyDD