BBQ, meaty mac and cheese, rosé, and more new food for the 2018 Timberwolves season

Because the only thing better than mac and cheese is meat-topped mac and cheese.

Because the only thing better than mac and cheese is meat-topped mac and cheese. Timberwolves

A mere four-minute walk from Target Center, chef David Fhima is dazzling diners with the globetrotting menu at his freshly opened Fhima's Minneapolis.

Braised rabbit stew with gnocchi, kebabs on harissa broth... it's a little different than what he has going on inside the stadium, where new-for-2018 concessions include hot-dog-topped macaroni and cheese. 

This is Fhima's second year at the helm of the Timberwolves/Lynx food and drink program, and while it ain't all foie gras butterscotch tartlets, there has been a subtle upscaling in gameday offerings throughout his tenure. Last year brought the Parlour burger and tuna togarashi and sushi burritos; this year, you can get house-smoked brisket, a Silk milk smoothie from the new Yogurt Bar, or grilled cheese with Gruyere and Moroccan spices. Loon Cafe's legendary chili will be on the menu, along with pork shoulder sammies and the aforementioned mac, which you can get topped with all-beef dogs or brisket.

There's a brand-new restaurant in Cargo Food Authority, which replaces Hubert's and serves everything from wings to "giant pizza" to craft cocktails and has a walk-up taco bar, according to a Monday press release. Not a Bud Light drinker? Perhaps you'd prefer one of three limited-edition T-Wolves-branded Chankaska wines: Aurora (red), Sungtokca (white), and Domain XXXII (rosé).

(No word what noted wine lover and current Wolves brass hater Jimmy Butler thinks of the collab.)

Will this year's newbies stack up to last year's? Will tacos tempt the brats-and-beers crowd? Will Butler suit up this season? The answers to these questions and more will emerge Friday during the Timberwolves' home opener against the Lebron-less Cavaliers.