Bauhaus Brew Labs Now in Liquor Stores

Bauhaus Brew Labs, which opened to fanfare in northeast Minneapolis this summer, has expanded its reach beyond draft accounts at local bars and restaurants, and is now selling its artfully designed cans in local stores. Plus, a 22-ounce "bomber" bottle of a new seasonal porter, dubbed Jingle Fever, hit the market last week.

The brewery is expanding to meet the growing demand, adding tanks to expand production by 50 percent in the coming months. Along with growth comes demand on the brewery staff's time and, says the brewery's Lydia Haines, "We literally cannot get our beer in cans fast enough." Brewers have been working 'round the clock to keep up with production as Bauhaus's signature yellow cans are now in 45 local stores, reaching into outer ring suburbs such as Woodbury, Plymouth, Cottage Grove, and more.

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Adding distribution to liquor stores has changed the brewery's dynamic, Haines says. "It really is a different game now. With draft accounts, all of the beer buyers want something different. But since we put Sky-Five IPA in cans, it is all anyone has talked about...We have had to double the production of Sky-Five to keep up with sales."

Jingle Fever, Bauhaus's new Baltic porter (8.0% ABV) debuted last week. It pours a deep, dark brown with a creamy tan head and has strong notes of dark chocolate and a touch of vanilla sweetness.

"Baltic Porter is bigger, smoother and more complex" than the more familiar English-style porters on the market, Haines explains. "What makes Jingle Fever a unique winter offering is its curiously smooth finish, making it a dangerously drinkable addition to the Bauhaus family of beers. We fermented it with the same lager yeast we use for Wonderstuff and Stargrazer, which provides a clean, malt-focused finish. We also let this beer age for almost two months, giving the flavors an opportunity to really meld together and smooth out." The beer is limited to 5,000 bottles for the year. It will return in 2015 as a winter seasonal, though head brewer Matt Schwand expects each year to be an evolution of the recipe.

Jingle Fever can be purchased at the Four Firkins in St. Louis Park, Elevated, France 44, Zipps, and other bottle shops around town. Bauhaus cans will be expanding into all 12 Haskell's locations starting this week as well.

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