Bauhaus Brew Labs expands into second space in Fridley

A look inside "Bauhaus North." Brewer Dave Manthei for scale.

A look inside "Bauhaus North." Brewer Dave Manthei for scale. Bauhaus Brew Labs

In 2014, Bauhaus Brew Labs opened with a rocket strapped to their backs.

In the three years they’ve been in operation, Bauhaus has gone from a well-designed upstart in Northeast to a damn-near-ubiquitous option in Twin Cities bars, liquor stores, and stadiums. They’re one of the few microbrews available in 12 packs, and their easy-drinkin’ aesthetic has made them a favorite among outstate tailgaters and metropolitan college drinkers alike.

Even though their brewery on Tyler Street NE is a huge space with soaring ceilings and plenty of floor room, the Schwandt/Haines family has been looking into other options for over a year, and today they finally announced their backup facility -- an 11,000 square foot warehouse in Fridley.

“Bauhaus’ current production capacity is around 13,000 barrels per year,” Bauhaus marketing manager Mike Schwandt says in a press release. “With the additional square footage resulting from this latest expansion, Bauhaus will be adding three more 120-barrel fermenters and one additional 120-barrel packaging tank in early 2018, which will increase overall production capacity to around 20,000 barrels per year.”

The move follows a similar expansion by fellow Twin Cities stalwarts Fair State Brewing, who took on a second facility in 2016, and echoes Surly's groundbreaking move to Prospect Park in 2013.

The Fridley warehouse -- dubbed Bauhaus North -- is larger than Bauhaus’s current taproom/brewery, though it will mainly be used for cold and dry storage and as the brewery’s main shipping, receiving, and distribution point. North will clear a substantial amount of space for the Northeast facility, allowing for an increase in production. Bauhaus plans to add several 240-barrel tanks to the Northeast location, increasing overall capacity to around 30,000 barrels per year.

Bauhaus Brew Labs

Bauhaus Brew Labs

CEO and head brewer Matt Schwandt explained the renovations to the flagship taproom, saying, “While we love our taproom, we weren’t able to fully realize our vision for it when we did our initial build-out.” He adds that finishes like lighting and signage will be added, and table service will also be offered once renovations are done.

Schwandt estimates that work will be completed in time for the 2018 Super Bowl.