Batter Blaster: "Just point, blast and cook!"


I found the Batter Blaster nestled between organic half and half and organic kombucha tea on the top shelf of the dairy case at Lunds.

I heard about the readymade pancake batter ("No Mess -- No Cleanup!") from a couple of friends who recently gave the unusual, seemingly antithetical (organic and aerosol?) product a whirl. Amused and skeptical, I set out to try some myself.

The 18 oz can was on sale for $4.99 (usually $5.99). The cakes I made were about what I figured and nothing special: indistinguishable from powder mix in taste, texture and consistency and at easily double the price. Perfectly edible, but eh.

My favorite part about making them was actually the satisfying canned whipped cream sound the batter made when it came out. Plus now I can have pancakes on a whim for the next month or two, uhh, just like I've always wanted?

The story behind the product is actually pretty cute: entrepreneurial underdog takes on supermarket kings. It's not from some food scientist laboratory at Kraft or General Mills but the brainchild of a former cafe owner in San Francisco who apparently originally just wanted to be able to quickly make waffles for his then-girlfriend now-wife.

Apparently, batters for muffins, cookies, brownies and cupcakes are in the works.