Barbette's Hibiscus Royale: A flower-powered drink of the week


Now is the time of the lilacs, one of the most beloved seasons in the Twin Cities. As the warm sun shines down upon us (well, here's hoping it is), there is almost nothing more relaxing than a drink at Barbette.


Champagne and flowers equals love, and Barbette combines them both in one drink--the Hibiscus Royale. It's made with bubbly, rosewater, and hibiscus-infused simple syrup, creating the loveliest rosy hue. The scent is spice, cinnamon, and clove, but not too heavy, just a light kiss. The first sip blends the nuttiness of the champagne seamlessly with the lightness of the rosewater, the hibiscus syrup adding the most interesting layer of sweetness and floral. Sipping this cocktail is to be infused with botanicals and the bliss of the season.

1600 West Lake Street, Minneapolis