"Barack Burger" coming to a joint near you?


People are all fuh-reaking about Barack Obama's "burger incident" last week. Those weighing in seem to fall in one of two camps: They're either 1) foaming at the mouth about just how elitist it was for him to have his burger without ketchup and to ask for Dijon on it instead (some are calling it "Dijon Derangement Syndrome") or 2) sneering about the opportunism stemming from the incident, which includes businesses capitalizing on it (which, c'mon, duh!), and hence "Barack Burgers!"

May I introduce a third camp? 3) Thank you, Obama. Finally. Ketchup is gross. It is merely a vehicle for sugar, plus it is weirdly slick and shiny. You can practically see your reflection in a pool of Heinz. That is not ok. Burgers with mere mustard (and all the other fixings, including tomatoes -- real, live tomatoes) are superior. When is everyone else going to realize this? Bulldog? Blue Door? I could see you doing a good Barack Burger! Can you will you? Capitalize away!