Band Box Diner Will Survive -- At Least for Now

Band Box Diner will get its new grill, thanks to crowdsourced funding.

Band Box Diner will get its new grill, thanks to crowdsourced funding.

After news broke that wee, beloved Band Box diner was on the verge of collapse, thanks in part to owner Brad Ptacek's failing, ancient Vulcan grill, lovers of his greasy spoon burgers and fluffy flapjacks stepped up to the plate and raised over $5,000 in five days.

"Just unreal," he told us this morning on the phone. "I'm kind of at a loss for words."

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Ptacek said he had "already cashed in all of his get out of jail free cards," and was "scraping the bottom of his change jar" in order to fix all the things that need fixing in his '30s-era diner.

The grill in question was already down two burners, so he was making do with the other two, and it was only a matter of time before those were also done for. "When half of half is gone, well you know. I'm so excited now because I'll be able to cook pancakes and potatoes at the same time!"

And more than one pancake at a time.

He admits that business has also been a little slack, and that he hopes the news of their impending demise will give them "a little boost."

He feels under even more pressure now to perform great acts with breakfast potatoes, considering the support.

It was Ptacek's daughter who suggested crowd funding, setting it up on her phone as she sat next to the grill while her dad flipped burgers.

"I'm not a computer guy. I don't check my Facebook page, I'm cooking."

We're glad she did.

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