Baja Sol seeks your salsa recipes

Baja Sol seeks your salsa recipes

Micah Taylor/Flickr

The best Mexican restaurants have a great selection of salsas. One of my favorite places to go when I lived in Texas (shoutout to Evita's Botanitas!) even had a special gadget to bear them all, a two-tiered wooden tray with dimples around the bottom to plunk the little salsa dishes into and the top for the bowl of tortilla chips.

Baja Sol's answer to the universal affection for salsa is the salsa bar, a serve-yourself, all-you-can-eat free-for-all and the Inver Grove Heights-based mini-chain now wants to get you in on the action. Think you've got a salsa trick or two up your sleeve?

Baja Sol says it was inspired to invite customers to contribute recipes after seeing so many of them combine variations of their salsa bar spread. They are accepting recipes through this Saturday, March 28 in three categores: mild, hot and "unusual."

I'm thinking some type of dessert salsa might have some potential, something with chocolate and a dash of hot pepper. Or something involving honey and cinnamon, for a kind of quickie churro. And for some reason I keep thinking of gummi bears. Many, many minced up gummi bears.

Winners will have their recipe served in a number of Baja Sol restaurants in May.

Email them to [email protected] or mail (ASAP) to:

Baja Sol Restaurant Group 2922 Upper 55th St. Inver Grove Heights, MN 55076

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