Badger Hill Brewing is moving to Shakopee, opening taproom


Badger Hill Brewing is moving into its own space later this year, setting a tentative goal to open doors in Shakopee by Labor Day. The brewery, founded in 2011, is currently sharing space with Lucid and Bad Weather in an alternating proprietorship, a business arrangement in which the separate businesses share space and equipment. The set-up was always intended to be temporary, with the breweries looking to go their separate ways after establishing themselves in the industry.

The move will present opportunities for growth and a stronger brand for Badger Hill. "We think the addition of a taproom to [Shakopee] is a great fit," says owner Brittany Krekelberg. The new location, 4571 Valley Industrial Blvd. S, is located between Valleyfair and Canterbury Park in an area that sees a lot of tourist traffic. There is no taproom in the current Minnetonka location and the opportunity to build a more public identity is exciting, says Krekelberg.

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"The taproom will be the centerpiece of the brewery. We'd like it to have an approachable, community feel, possibly even hosting meetings and events," says Krekelberg. "We have a lot of ideas but the plans are still being developed."

While adding that social element, they aim to continue a production-first approach, supplying their line-up of beers to local bars, restaurants, and liquor stores.

Along with the move will come a new canning line that will produce their beers in six pack, 12-ounce packages, a transition away from the bottling line they have been sharing with their partners at Lucid. Badger Hill recently released Traitor IPA and will be introducing a white IPA soon, and the new taproom will feature an even greater variety of brews.

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