Baconnaise hits Target shelves--should you care?

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Jon Stewart eats pancake-wrapped sausage on a stick dipped in Baconnaise...

So J&D foods, creators of bacon-flavored salt and bacon-flavored lip balm (Gov. Pawlenty just gave a tube of the stuff to CNN's John King when King interviewed him at the fair!) recently introduced bacon-flavored mayonnaise, aka Baconnaise. J&D sent me a sample, as the product was just introduced at local SuperTargets , but, as much as I like both bacon and mayonnaise, I'm not going to tell you to go rush out and buy the stuff. The bacon flavor is awfully synthetic--far more like Bacos than the real thing. In fact, looking at the ingredients list, Baconnaise doesn't actually contain bacon. Interesting...

Even though the J&D folks point out that Baconnaise has less fat than mayonnaise + bacon, my rec would still be to stick to the real thing. (It's not hard to keep cooked bacon on hand for sandwiches--it can store for weeks in the fridge.) And let me know if you want a jar of almost-full Baconnaise.