Backyard chickens: feeling country


The benefits of raising chickens in your yard are obvious: fresh eggs, and the feeling of country livin' in the city. I know many urban dwellers with the earth brother/sister dream of tromping around in rubber boots, and throwing feed to the hens in the morn (yes, me). The good news is that it doesn't take much space, and there are many chicken coop kits available or create your own rustic design.

Gale Woods Farms in Minnetrista (roughly 30 miles from the Twin Cities) is holding classes on backyard chicken raising. They will answer all your questions and send you off ready to tend to your flock. There are city regulations involved in the process, so first check here. Unfortunately, the class this weekend is already full, but there is another class being offered on Saturday, June 19th from 9:30-12:30, and it is a good idea to register early. Click here for more info and to make your reservation