Backyard chickens & coffee cupping


This is the picture of the most exciting part of my week. For those of you who don't know, that is a chicken coop. Albeit a small coop, it will be a great way to introduce ourselves to the world of backyard chicken rearing. Now we just need to get our neighbors' permission so I can start blogging about these beauties (and the baby chicks!)...

No onion updates for this week ... unless you want to see another picture of green sticks. Oh wait, this is another picture of green sticks! This time, however, it's the skinniest asparagus ever. Right now they're only the size of a chive. It takes a few years for these tasty spears to mature, and supposedly not harvesting them this year will make them stronger for next year. It's going to take all my willpower to not munch on these tasty sprouts.

I'm not much of a beer drinker (don't get me wrong, I enjoy the stuff, it's just not my preferred poison), but I happen to live with one. He makes fun of me for my interest in local products, but really he's just as nerdy as I am. The "new" Abrasive (16-bit reincarnate) of course caught his eye, while I just about died about him spending $16 on a four-pack of beer. It's definitely not my style, but if you're a hop-head I can see getting behind this stuff. It's selling fast, so I won't get in your way, I promise.

I attended my first coffee cupping last night. Being a fan of wine tastings, I was a bit weary of the seemingly snobby terminology "cupping" (couldn't it just be called "tasting"?) but Bull Run offers complimentary cuppings at Rustica every Thursday night, and I was able to snatch a spot. I have to admit, "cupping" is really the best way to describe the experience. Cups are involved, as are spoons. I even learned that there is a special spoon culture among the coffee elite. Don't think you can tell the difference from coffee to coffee? I urge you, attend this experience! In addition to an hourlong class on the delicacy of coffee flavors, all guests walked away with a quarter pound of their preferred bean. Win-win, my friends. Email Jessica to reserve your spot!


Oh, did I write about eggs already? I'm just trying to help you get used to it, because once those chicks arrive, I'll have nothing but eggs on the brain. This is my famous carbonara. It's one of the simplest recipes of all time, but so incredibly nostalgic to me that I could eat it almost every day. This specific carbonara was made with duck eggs from L.T.D. Farms, which is hosting a duck egg C.S.A this year. Tune into my article at the Heavy Table for more about how to get your very own steady supply of duck eggs.