'Back to square one' -- St. Paul's Tori Ramen closes following fire

Oh noooooo.

Oh noooooo. Facebook: Tori Ramen

Don't worry: No one was hurt.

But Tori Ramen -- the teeny St. Paul noodle joint that brought wondrous, pork-less broth to Victoria Street last year -- did suffer a fire last night, according to a Facebook post from the eatery. And it sounds like it was a doozy.

"We had every single fireman out here to subdue the mess," the Tori team says. The blaze appears to have started in basement of their building, and faulty old wiring was to blame.

The restaurant will be closed for a few weeks as they rebuild -- so at least they're not closing for good! Still, this sucks, obviously, and there's a definite dejected feeling in their post. "Rebuilding begins. Back to square one. [Sad face emoji.]"

Sad face emoji, indeed.

Here's hoping for a speedy ramen reboot.