Back Birchwood: Kickstarter campaign is underway

Birchwood Cafe is "busting at the seams."

Birchwood Cafe is "busting at the seams."

More than just a passionately driven farm-to-table cafe, Birchwood is a touchstone for the community and a serious supporter of local farms, as well as home to the best savory waffles ever conceived. With all they have going on, it was inevitable that they would outgrow their modest space.

Just as they have drawn together the community to help producers and friends in need, Birchwood is now reaching out to those who believe in their do-good/eat-good philosophy for help expanding their restaurant space. Birchwood hopes to raise $100,000 through Kickstarter, and they're already on their way.

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Owner Tracy Singleton explains the planned expansion: "Our new and improved cafe will serve more guests with more seats, enhanced service, and shorter lines. We will also offer an expanded menu, a community room, more room for local art, increased catering, and an additional bathroom."

The money won't just go towards the stuff that customers will see. They'll also completely overhaul the HVAC system (not sexy, but necessary) while greatly increasing the kitchen space for chef Marshall Paulsen and his staff to create their delicious dishes. The roof will be topped with solar panels as they continue their commitment to sustainability.

Rewards for backers are as small as a sincere thank you from owners and a listing on their wall, and as large as a private house party thrown by Singleton and chef Paulsen. For a $300 contribution, a backer plus one guest will have the opportunity to attend a farm dinner with special musical guest Mason Jennings.

So far, they have raised a respectable $31,000 toward the goal of $100,000. Birchwood Cafe fan Andrew Zimmern wrote, "The secret to changing our world for the better is to support our heroes in every way we can, and Tracy Singleton and the team at Birchwood are some of mine."

With 19 days to go, will the Birchwood fans come through? If anyone can rally a community, you would expect it to be them.

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