Bachelor Farmer Block Party Returns August 1


You know what we like about the Bachelor Farmer Block Party? Our sideways cousins, New Orleans, way down at the other end of the river, always get to be the cool kids. They've got the music, the food, the vibe, the second-line brass band funerals, they've got it all. They've got those crawfish boils where they cook the potatoes and the corn and the mud bugs all in a big pot and then dump it on the table and everybody rolls up their sleeves and digs in and man, is that ever cool.

Well, watch out New Orleans, because we've got our own crawfish festival, and it's called Kräftskiva! And it's Swedish! And there's music, too! Big, important bands for getting us Nordic types to shake some rhythm loose from our hips. Want to know who those bands are this year? Read on:

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But first, the food: chilled crayfish with dill, meatballs, grilled sweet corn, warm bannock (flat bread) with honeyed butter, Fulton brewskis, adult snow cones, and ice-cold aquavit.

All these good eats need the universal accompaniment of good beats, and this year's lineup includes Polica, Ra Ra Riot, and DJ Jonathan Ackerman.

Kräftskiva is evidently Swedish for "crayfish party," held in many Nordic countries during the month of August, originating in the 1900s when restrictions were placed on crayfish harvesting. August became a month of crayfish parties, where family and friends would come together to feast on massive amounts of the small crustacean because they are tasty little buggers.

Sold? Tickets are now available to email subscribers or fans of the Bachelor Farmer, Marvel Bar, or Askov Finlayson's social media channels. Tickets go on sale to the general public at noon on June 4 (that's today). Order them here.

A limited number of $25 tickets will be available at the door, but purchasing tickets in advance is strongly recommended.

Saturday, August 1, 5 p.m to 10 p.m.

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