Bacalypse Now: bacon-flavored lip gloss


The 34th annual Winter Fancy Food Show took place last week in San Francisco and the Chronicle reports that among the 50,000 products on display the hottest items seemed to be chocolate, cheese, olive oil, and "nutritional" beverages. I was yawning as I read the about aged cheddars and chocolate inlaid with dried banana, until I got to this graf:

And then there's this for a grand finale: J&D's, a company that produces smoked bacon salt and Baconnaise, and whose slogan is, "Everything should taste like bacon," handed out samples of bacon-flavored lip gloss. The product is vegetarian and, somehow, kosher.

I can't imagine what it might be like to kiss someone who's applied bacon-flavored lip gloss, though the jar of bacon grease in my fridge might be a cheaper and more convenient substitute...