Baby food as haute cuisine? Taste for yourself this Friday

Food trucks are known for inventing unique flavor concoctions, especially in Minnesota, where the warm months bring out State Fair favorites like camel burgers and fried lamb testicles. But despite our familiarity with bizarre ingredients, baby food never struck us as a suitable focal point for food truck cuisine.

On June 13, however, our preconceived notions will be thrown out the window when New York-based baby food company Beech-Nut serves a variety of dishes featuring three new baby food flavors.

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The Beech-Nut food truck will be parked on Nicollet Mall between 10th and 11th Streets from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m. on Friday. Dishes for sampling include a strawberry and apple tart made with Beech-Nut's "just apple & strawberry," a green salad made with "just Bartlett pears" vinaigrette, and a "just apple and pumpkin" cheesecake.

Samples of some of Beech-Nut's 40 new flavors will also be available, if you're craving straight-up baby food.

Beech-Nut emphasizes "real food," meaning they use local produce when available, the baby food contains no more than one or two ingredients, and the produce is cold-pressed and cooked at appropriate temperatures for the specific food items.

Beech-Nut operates the only LEED-certified baby food production facility in the world. LEED certification is given to companies that go to great lengths to minimize the impact their facilities have on the environment. So unless you stole your baby food directly from a baby, you can have a clear conscience as you chow down on mushed peas.

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