Attend "Give a Shit Social Club" If You Give a Shit About Urban and Sustainable Farming

Give a shit, will you?

Give a shit, will you?

So, you've heard that local, sustainable, organic and all that stuff is good, right? But why is it good? What makes it so good? Why exactly, should you, you know, give a shit?

Give a Shit Social Club has the answers, Saturday, May 30. A few things on the give-a-shit agenda: See also: Stone's Throw Agricultural Co-op unites urban and rural farmers

Alex Liebman of Stone's Throw Urban Farm and Robin Garwood, aide to City Councilperson Cam Gordon, will discuss progressive Cuban models of community and sustainable agriculture. (In case you didn't know, Cuba is totally hot right now. Learn how they do stuff, like grow food).

Dylan Bradford Kesti of the Land Stewardship Project will discuss building community-based food systems.

Porfirio Pérez of the Whole Farm Management Program and the Minnesota Food Association will discuss urban farming and agriculture.

And, if you give a shit about something in particular (on topic please), you can do that too, in a one-minute soapbox speech! But you gotta sign up.

Plus food! To share! You can bring some too.

Saturday, May 30, noon to 3 p.m. at 3501 Humbolt Ave. S., Minneapolis