At last, today is National Doughnut Day. Here are 5 places to go.

Gluten-free delights from Angel Food Bakery (left); the Key Lime Pie Bismarck at Mojo Monkey (right)

Gluten-free delights from Angel Food Bakery (left); the Key Lime Pie Bismarck at Mojo Monkey (right) Angel Food Bakery/Mojo Monkey Donuts

It’s National Doughnut Day! A totally legitimate holiday on par with… Arbor Day?

You know: It’s a holiday, but one that you maybe forget about until it rolls around, and then you get excited it exists—because who’s against planting trees or eating special doughnuts?

No one.

Here are some of the sweet deals happening around the Twin Cities on June 1. Get out there and celebrate sugar!

Sleepy V’s
Formerly known as Rebel Donut Bar, this shop is all about the mini flight, even on non-National Doughnut Days. So treat yourself to a little tasting menu of deliciousness. If you’re more of a one-and-done doughnut eater (we don’t understand you), try “The Dude,” a White Russian treat topped with crushed hazelnuts. While you’re there, stop and say hi to Christopher Mark Brown, who will be painting doughnut-themed masterpieces all day. Plus, if you’ve recently purchased a crowler of Dangerous Man’s Pineapple Hibiscus Donut Ale, bring that sucker into the shop to get $6 off a dozen minis. If you're at the shop pre-Dangerous Man, you might get a coupon for a free crowler. (The beer was made with 350 Sleepy V’s doughnuts.) 1226 Second St. NE, Minneapolis;

Glam Doll Donuts
With multiple locations in the Twin Cities, we wonder how much butter Glam Doll had to lay by to make their NDD dreams a reality: The first 100 people at both shops will receive a free blueberry doughnut (how spring-y), and they’re rolling out some brand-new flavors on their seasonal menu for you to try. And lest you think this day is all about the sugar, they’re offering up $5 mac-and-cheese doughnuts all dang day. (This deal was available all week, actually… who doesn’t want to celebrate the days leading up to a holiday?) multiple locations,

Cardigan Donuts
Today, Cardigan is serving up history alongside sweet treats. We know that World War I was terrible—this is the war that brought the term “shell shock” into the vernacular. To alleviate some of the terror, the Salvation Army sent volunteers known as doughnut lassies into the trenches to serve GIs fresh doughnuts and hot coffee. To honor those volunteers, Cardigan has their own lassies serving cake doughnuts to folks waiting in line. Their Salvation Army Bar is also on the menu—a white chocolate and raspberry treat from which all sales will go to Harbor Light Homeless Shelter to help alleviate homelessness in Minneapolis. 40 S. Seventh. St., #207, Minneapolis; 612-259-7804,

Mojo Monkey Donuts
A recent Instagram from Mojo Monkey reads: “150 lbs of butter, 65 lbs of sour cream and 30 gallons of buttermilk can only mean one thing.” Yep, that’s how they prepped for today. Take a minute to picture 150 pounds of butter. Then, get over to their shop on West Seventh in St. Paul, where the first 300 customers receive a free doughnut. If you miss out on that deal, don’t despair. Every hour, they’re giving away one free dozen doughnut box. And they’re serving up some new creations, like the Key Lime Pie Bismarck and the Red Velvet Cake. 1169 Seventh St. W., St. Paul; 651-224-0142,

Angel Food Bakery
In addition to their usual assortment of glazed, powdered, filled, etc. goodness, Angel Food is ensuring the gluten-free among us also have a reason to celebration National Doughnut Day. Head to downtown Minneapolis to stock up on over a dozen different flavors of gluten-free cake doughnuts. As a recent post so perfectly puts it: “#wegotyoucovered.” 86 S. Ninth St., Minneapolis; 612-238-1435,