Ask the Critic: Takeout near Abbott Northwestern?

My friend is recovering from a c-section at Abbott Northwestern Hospital at 28th and Chicago. I'd like to stop by with some takeout and see the new baby. Is there a restaurant nearby that offers inexpensive takeout? What would you suggest I bring?

Hospital food doesn't have the best reputation in terms of tastiness, or, frankly, healthfulness--how appalling is it that Abbot has a McDonald's within its own building? Patients are better off going BYO, particularly since Abbott is within walking distance of the Midtown Global Market.

Between the tortas at Manny's, gyros at Holy Land, tamales at La Loma, Jamaican patties or jerk chicken wraps from West Indies Soul, you'll have all sorts of options--if Mom, Dad, and Grandma and all the baby's various other fans have different requests, you can satisfy them all in one stop.

Also, be sure to stop at Salty Tart to pick up a few cupcakes or cookies. I hear they quiet down bossy in-laws and fortify breast milk.

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