Area Carb Count Spikes as Jersey Mike's Opens Location Next to Bruegger's

Carb collusion.

Carb collusion.

Just down the street from Calhoun Square, a longtime bagel-coffee symbiosis has been smothered in something called "the juice" and replaced with carbs, squared.

We are speaking of the new Jersey Mike's franchise -- the first in Minneapolis -- which has risen up like a loaf of dense, commercially prepared sandwich bread in the former Dunn Bros. on Lake in Uptown. Sidling right up next to Bruegger's, Jersey Mike's is giving the bagel shop a run for its money, in the category of yeasted specialties of the northeastern United States.

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It's not that we're opposed to sub shops, or even so opposed to chains (though we prefer the local Dunn Bros. chain to a national one), we're just puzzled at the pairing. Coffee and bagels made sense. Bagels and sub sandwiches? Only if we're going out in a blaze of carb-fueled, blood-sugar-spiked glory -- which, uh, actually sounds kind of fun.

Evidently, the Jersey-based chain is making a play for the Midwest, as it launched its first Iowa shop yesterday. The Minneapolis location also officially opened yesterday, with apparently very little faith that its patrons would be able to locate the store:

If you do manage to track down the elusive brick-and-mortar sub sandwich purveyor, you'll find it's not all that dissimilar to a Subway or a Jimmy John's, except that they have a red wine vinegar and olive oil mixture called "the juice" that they pour on their sammies for a zing. So basically it's totally different.

Seriously, has anyone located the new Jersey Mike's?

Seriously, has anyone located the new Jersey Mike's?

Jersey Mike's Subs 1504 W. Lake St.

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