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    Playing The Market

    Lunds Marketplace 1450 West Lake St., Mpls.; 825-6618 IN MORE WAYS than one, there is a big void where McDonald's used to be on the corner of Lagoon and Hennepin. Although a new Mickey D's is already under construction in the same location...

    by Amanda Ferguson on October 30, 1996
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    Good Evening Vietnam

    Cafe D Lat 10 W. 25th St., Mpls.; 813-1833 I AM REMINDED of Cafe D Lat at least once a week by a friend who became a devotee of the restaurant ever since stumbling across it a few months ago. I took my time heeding his raving praise an...

    by Amanda Ferguson on October 23, 1996
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    Neighborhood Medley

    Chang O'Hara's 498 Selby Ave., St. Paul; 290-2338 I STAYED AWAY from Chang O'Hara's for quite awhile, it's true. The place had a reputation in certain circles for being cloying in its zaniness; the old Irish-meets-Asian cuisine with a cras...

    by Amanda Ferguson on October 16, 1996
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    Chic To Chic

    The Lounge 411 Second Ave. N., Mpls. 333-8800 THE WAREHOUSE DISTRICT: the last bastion of downtown Minneapolis that feels like it actually might be part of a downtown area and not a suburb of the Mall of America. At least, that's how it se...

    by Amanda Ferguson on October 9, 1996
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    Two-Fisted Meat

    Joe's Garage 1610 Harmon Place, Mpls. 904-1163 PITY THOSE WHO plunge themselves, their time, and their money into hopes of gaining public admiration. What if their well intentioned strategies go unnoticed? How much sadder can you get than ...

    by Amanda Ferguson on October 2, 1996
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    Greco Roaming

    Myconos 1420 Nicollet Ave. S., Mpls., 870-1114 OUR STOMACHS HAVE become brick walls and our feet fall heavily on the carpet as we leave Myconos, but we still have the gumption to reach out to the glass bowl overflowing with jumbo pastel-c...

    by Amanda Ferguson on September 25, 1996
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    Spice of Life

    Taste of Thailand 1671 Selby Ave., St. Paul; 644-3997 DOOMSAYERS LOVE TO spot patterns of failure (real or interpreted); it makes their negativity rational and makes it so much easier to say, "Oh, that will never work out, look what happen...

    by Amanda Ferguson on September 18, 1996
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    Sea To Shining Sea

    The Anchorage 1330 Industrial Blvd., Mpls., 379-4444 WHAT A COMELY city Minneapolis is, I thought as I recently drove down 35W, catching glimpses of fast food restaurants, flat-topped buildings, and weird pieces of scrap metal through my ...

    by Amanda Ferguson on September 11, 1996
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    Fair Fare

    Various Vendors, Minnesota State Fair 1265 Snelling Ave. N., St. Paul; 642-2200. I CAUGHT A glimpse of the Milky Way Princess as she steadied herself while climbing into a white convertible last Friday night, getting ready for a r...

    by Amanda Ferguson on August 28, 1996
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    Cafeteria Style

    New French Kitchen 1300 Lagoon Ave., Mpls.; 825-2525 THE LAGOON CINEMA multiplex is conveniently located across the street from a McDonald's. Last week, I ate there and trundled off to catch Emma. Something about the experience was al...

    by Amanda Ferguson on August 14, 1996
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    Dining Down Under

    St. Paul Cafe 350 Market St., St. Paul; 228-3855 THE ST. PAUL Cafe is a sensible place to dine. Located in the basement of the St. Paul Hotel, it isn't quite as distinctive as the St. Paul Grill, which looms importantly on the main fl...

    by Amanda Ferguson on August 7, 1996
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    Cafe Society

    Kali's Kitchen 1901 Hennepin Ave. S., Mpls.; 871-3112 AS THE ROMAN writer Juvenal famously proclaimed, "Two things only the people anxiously desire: bread and circuses." He was lamenting the decline of heroism, but bread and circuse...

    by Amanda Ferguson on July 31, 1996
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    Hot To Trot

    South Beach 325 First Ave. N., Mpls.; 204-0787 DRIVING DOWN FIRST Avenue the other week, I could have sworn that my eyes were playing tricks on me. Through a window on the avenue I could make out about a half-dozen happy faces and shi...

    by Amanda Ferguson on July 24, 1996
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    Welcome To The Jungle

    Rainforest Cafe Mall of America, Bloomington 854-7500 TESTING PERSONALITIES WAS never so easy before the advent of the megamall. The Rainforest Cafe for instance, conveniently located next to Bloomingdales, is a great place to go...

    by Amanda Ferguson on July 10, 1996
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    Authentic Mexican! Open Late!

    Taco Morelos 14 W. 26th St., Mpls. 870-0053 NEVER HAVE I had so many fans of a particular restaurant come up to me and tug on my sleeve. Time and again lately I've heard, Have you been to Taco Morelos yet? The problem as I first saw...

    by Amanda Ferguson on July 3, 1996
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    That Continental Touch

    The Continental Pantry 381 Michigan St., St. Paul 291-8757 LAST WEEKEND, WHILE attending a rather hazy wedding reception, I met a slick restaurateur who cornered me for a chat about the great lengths to which he had gone to moderniz...

    by Amanda Ferguson on June 26, 1996
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    From New Delhi to New Brighton

    Chutney Indian Bistro 2321 Palmer Drive, New Brighton 633-6224 THE GOOD NEWS for folks who live a bit north of the cities is that they no longer have to leave their neighborhood to find cuisine that's more exotic than, say, spaghetti and meatba...

    by Amanda Ferguson on June 19, 1996
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    Club Med

    The Barbary Fig 720 Grand Ave., St. Paul 290-2085 A COWORKER ONCE told me about a friend of hers who had developed a hankering for Mediterranean food. And where did they go to satisfy the craving? I asked innocently. "Well, I'll te...

    by Amanda Ferguson on June 12, 1996
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    Nine Miles High

    Nine Mile Grill Mall of America Grand Hotel 7901 24th Avenue S., Bloomington 851-6330 EATING OUT IN or around malls usually isn't pretty--because of the surroundings, and because of the commercial pressures that attend the start-up of any res...

    by Amanda Ferguson on June 5, 1996
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    Tales of the Third Coast

    Blue Point Restaurant & Oyster Bar 739 E. Lake St., Wayzata 475-3636 I RECENTLY HAD a friend visit from the Southeastern seaboard, a willowy hothouse flower raised on shrimp boats and crabbing docks. Naively perhaps, I thought that solid, ...

    by Amanda Ferguson on May 29, 1996
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