Arcade game at Shamrocks lobsters? [VIDEO]

It's the foodies version of "the claw": an arcade game that doesn't contain plush toys, but a tank full of live lobsters. MPR checked out the new The Lobster Zone installed at Shamrocks Grill and Pub in St. Paul, and there's another one at Tiffany Sports Lounge and two more planned for Burrito Loco in Minneapolis and the Cherry Pit in St. Paul.

Each chance costs $2, and if a customer catches one of the crustaceans, which are purchased at Coastal Seafoods, the kitchen will cook it and serve it to him or her. (Thank goodness they're not just handed over to tipsy patrons.)

The machines are operated by a distributor, who gives the bars a 25 percent split of the revenue. A few animal rights activists have cried foul, but Lobster Zone contends that the lobsters' lives really aren't so different from the ones they'd have in a restaurant or supermarket tank.

Check out this video to see Lobster Zone in action:

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