April is Grilled Cheese Month!

My favorite grilled cheese is my mom's, made casually -- even distractedly -- while on the way out the door or whiling away a weekend afternoon. I am inexplicably unable to recreate them on my own, despite their extraordinary simplicity.

She makes them using bread from a round, crusty Hy-Vee loaf (usually leftover from the night or nights before) slathered in margarine (margarine!) and 1 1/2 or so slices of Kraft American singles.

Having meltable (which, yes, typically means highly processed) cheese is key to a good grilled cheese sammy. Another reason I like my ma's is because they are unpredictably shaped. Slices from a round loaf can be ginormous ovals or misshapen nubs.

Since I only get the real deal once or twice a year these days, I have to substitute with random, inferior fixes. *Sigh.* I haven't found any that quite do it for me yet. Where do you get your grilled cheese fix around these parts?

Here are some suggestions inspired by Grilled Cheese Month from Serious Eats, including the Kraft Singles contest, which I am *so* entering, and recs from Wisconsin's milk board.