Applebee's serves toddler alcohol

Was it the malicious act of a disgruntled server? An honest mistake? Or this year's version of the Wendy's chili finger scam?

The jury's still out on how this all came about, but what we do know, according to a Detroit TV station's report, is that a toddler out to dinner with his family at an area Applebee's ended up with an alcoholic margarita mix in his sippy cup instead of apple juice. The boy started acting strangely--babbling randomly and nodding off as drunks tend to do--and was taken to a nearby hospital where doctors measured a .10 blood alcohol level.

Applebee's is cooperating with local authorities to investigate the situation. Watch the video and find out what the mother had to say about the incident:

Toddler Mistakenly Served Alcohol at Applebee's:

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