Apple Valley woman sues over minced ginger

An Apple Valley woman and her husband have sued United Noodles, Cub Foods, and the Chinese manufacturer (and its American counterpart) of Lee Kum Kee brand minced ginger in Dakota County District Court claiming the businesses are responsible for injuries the woman suffered more than four years ago when a jar of the product broke in her hands while she was opening it.

According to the complaint, filed earlier this month, when the woman unscrewed the top of the jar to open the product, its entire top broke off, "in a jagged fashion, slashing [her] hand and thumb with the sharp glass edges." The couple is seeking in excess of $50,000, claiming the companies are negligent as well as liable for their "defective" product.

The woman bought the offending ginger at a Cub Foods in Stillwater. The suit says United Noodles labeled and delivered the jar to the supermarket.

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