AOL launches a food site

Did anyone else think AOL had gone the way of candy cigarettes, tamagotchi, and Authentic Dweebie wear? It's actually still alive and well, and has got a brand new website dedicated to cooking and food.

On first glance, KitchenDaily seems like a cross between a watered-down version of Epicurious and the Food Network. It has a recipe search engine, features on beginner-friendly topics like fish sticks and freezer essentials, and an emphasis on the quick 'n' easy.

The site has adopted some orphaned Gourmet staffers as well as an assistant editor from the great food blog Slashfood, with whom it seems to have some type of partnership.

For KitchenDaily, AOL looked to former Gourmet staffer Cheryl Brown to fill the role of editor, with the magazine's former executive food editor, Kemp Minifie, test kitchen director Ruth Cousineau, and food editor Gina Marie Miraglia Enriquez to act as contributors. Megan Steintrager, formerly senior editor of Condé Nast's, will act as managing editor.

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