"Anti-Valentine's Day" at Radisson Red includes 3-D Tinder and cheap booze

Celebrate Anti-Valentine's Day in Radisson Red's anti-lobby.

Celebrate Anti-Valentine's Day in Radisson Red's anti-lobby. Photo courtesy of Radisson Red Facebook Page

Just like red roses and heart-shaped boxes of chocolate, hotel rooms are usually reserved for the already coupled when it comes to Valentine’s Day festivities.

But not at Radisson Red. For those lonely and looking for love this Tuesday, Radisson Red is offering a 3-D Tinder deal: If you're using Tinder during the evening and your "match" happens to also be at Radisson Red, you'll win a free round of drinks.

To make that meet-cute go a little more smoothly, they're also offering lots of deals on booze, cheap food, and a $99 special on rooms. So, er, swipe yourself right into a night of passion?

You can also just go with your friends, get a buzz on, and fail miserably at Dance Dance Revolution, as we're sure Saint Valentine would have wanted.

The night’s events:

Extended Happy Hour from 3 to 11 p.m. with $2 off beer, wine and cocktails all night long. Special prices on appetizers, too.

DJ Master Wong from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Two-minute speed dating rounds and 3-D Tinder

Games including karaoke, Atari, Dance Dance Revolution, Cards Against Humanity, and more. 

Radisson Red
609 S 3rd St, Minneapolis