Anti-obesity activist compares food marketing to rape

MeMe Roth makes us want to eat one of these.

MeMe Roth makes us want to eat one of these.

National Action Against Obesity President MeMe Roth is taking on obesity one shame-inducing comment at a time. She particularly likes going after celebrities, it seems: "if you get it right with Angelina Jolie, the kids will listen and everything will change," she tells The Observer of London, scoffing about photos of Jolie's children toting bags of Frito Lays and Cheetos around. Oh, and she says food marketing is kinda like rape. No big thing.

She tells The Observer:

"The defence has been made in the case of sex criminals that there is pleasure on the part of the victim. The same is true with what we're doing with food. We may abuse our bodies with food, but it's incredibly pleasurable. From a food marketer's point of view, when your quote unquote victim is so willing and enjoying of the process, who's fighting back?"

Roth's one-woman show seems to revolve around her circulating herself vigorously throughout the TV news circuit. She thinks of herself as a type canary in the coal mine, seeming to suggest that people will realize soon enough that they, too, need to shame their family, friends, and neighbors into eating right.

The Observer article quotes her:

"You know how in The Poseidon Adventure, or any of those action movies, there's always someone who people say: 'Don't follow them!' But they end up being the person maybe you should follow? I kind of feel like that's who I'm trying to be."

Roth's personal secret? No breakfast ("For me, it doesn't work as well as other things.") and really no eating at all until and unless she exercises ("I work best when I get a workout in and eat after that.")